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The Motley and Misfit Crew of the Pirate Ship Salvation

A pirate's life for me

The Motley and Misfit Crew of Livejournal Pirates
the high seas
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This be the story of the motley and misfit crew of the pirate ship Salvation. Here be the place where we chronicle our adventures on the high seas on our never ending search for booty. Long we have sailed the seas and skies, and many adventures have we had. Most of our days are spent drinking grog, rum or ale and singing a pirate's song. A little whoring and gambling never hurt a soul either. But don't think our lives are nought but fun and games, aye. We be experts at making our enemies walk the plank, whether they be ninjas, vampires or just jerks. We be experts at all manners of robbing, looting, pillaging, plundering and thieving. We also be masters of all manners of warfare, whether it be barfights, swashbuckling or cannons on the high sea. We're the best these seas have to offer and we've got the booty to prove it.

This be the place for all pirates to gather to talk about their adventures. Feel free to discuss looting, pilliaging, plundering, or just looking for wenches. As long as you would rather be a pirate than have a real job, there is a place for you here. Join the crew of the pirate ship Salvation today, and take part in a life of adventures and wenches!

Rankings on the pirate ship Salvation be as follows:

Admiral: Red Anne Bonney (unscrupulous)
Captain: Seph Rackham (mojograham)
First Mate: Faelina Reilly (faelina)
Scullery Maid: Wanderin' Wench Willina (dykestar)
Misstress of Arms: Lady Red (psycheluna)
Mascot: Billy (brad_ah_lee)
Scurvy Prevention Specialist: Aryll Medli (adscion)
Cannon-hand: Sarah (sarmander)
Thief: Wild Lady Kade (awriter)
Quartermaster: "Rapier Hawk" Rachel (rapierhawk)
Master of Trade: Nekiayalc (nekiayalc)
Matey: Matey Mathaeis (mathaeis)
Matey: Eirik Hawksmoore (eirik)
Wench: Saucy Lucy O'Flaherty (silent_five)
Beer Wench: Jaqui (whoreinyourhead)

Deckhands: All the rest ay ye bilge rats!

Applications for unfilled positions will be taken in the captain's quarters and can be found here. New crew members be expected to fill it out, or they be expected to walk the plank! YARRRRR!